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Promotional Opportunities on Hotel Spec Online

Hotel Spec Online: Brings the world's most comprehensive information resource for the global hospitality industry straight to your clients' computers.

As an essential reference tool for all hospitality professionals, Hotel Spec Online provides detailed information and putting you in touch with the Designers, Architects, Hoteliers and Suppliers that create today's hotel environments.

As a natural brand extension of the internationally acclaimed publication Hotel Spec, Hotel Spec Online has been developed to assist any one working in hospitality design. 

Access to Hotel Spec Online is both free & simple - No complicated registration or subscription charges.

Marketing Opportunities

As an Architect, Designer or Hotel supplier looking to reach the key decision makers in the sector, Hotel Spec Online provides unique & exciting promotional opportunities ranging from strategically placed banners, skyscrapers and buttons placed around key areas of the site.

The options available include:

  • Banners placed around the Design & Architectural sections. Ideal for suppliers or design practices.
  • Banners placed around the Hotel Groups sections. Ideal for design & architectural companies.
  • Banners placed around the Suppliers sections of the site, with the option to choose only the parts of the site that are relevant to your areas of business. Ideal for hotel supply companies.
  • Banners on the home page. Ideal for any hotel related business.

Promotional opportunities on all pages of the site are strictly limited to: 1 leader board, 1 sky scraper and up to 3 120x90 pixel buttons.

For information on rates, traffic and availability contact Hotel Spec Online on +44 (0) 1732 371570 or e-mail us at