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Winner announced of the 'Next Designer Wallpaper Competition'

Wallsauce takes pleasure in announcing Kelly Kratzing official winner

The Winner of the Next Designer Wallpaper Competition is...

Back in March, Wallsauce announced it was running a competition alongside art community, Rise Design and Shine to find an undiscovered artist to join its designer wallpaper collection.

The aim of the competition was to find an unknown artist who had the talent to design a wall mural collection in exchange for a royalty agreement with one of the world’s leading wall mural companies.

To meet the latest trends, designers were asked to create two mural designs based on 'nature'. The shortlisted designs were then presented to the Wallsauce community to cast the final vote for the winning collection. Due to popularity in votes by its community and beyond, Wallsauce now takes the pleasure to announce Kelly Kratzing as the official winner of its competition to find the latest designer wallpaper.

Kelly’s delicate floral designs feature beautiful blossoms and colourful birds, inspired by her home in Australia. She now resides in Papua New Guinea where she experiments with pencils, watercolours and fine ink pens in her home studio.

Head to the website to see the mural collection by Kelly Kratzing.