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UK, London: The Hux Hotel ruffles Kensington’s feathers with boutique charm

One of London’s freshest experience-driven boutique hotels.

Discreetly standing behind a darkened door on Kensington High Street, inconspicuous and adjacent to the royal gardens, the Hux Hotel offers enigmatic luxe as one of London’s freshest experience-driven boutique hotels.

Soft-launched during 2020’s summer lockdown period, the Hux Hotel boasts 24 rooms and 4 suites, with a rabbit hole vibe that beckons the curious to relax within their particular brand of bespoke easiness and clandestine elegance.

Ducking inside from the busy street, guests are quickly enveloped in a bold décor, leading to a lounge area that also stands as a fragrant cocktail den, tireless live music spot and a stirring contemporary art space where quirky indulgence meets nightly entertainment.

Pairing an eccentric design with a seductive comfort, the rooms are snug with bold, comforting colours, thoughtfully illuminated with contemporary lighting and complete with modern bathrooms. Halls and social areas are narrowly eyed by the resident peacocks, foreboding ravens, coupled penguins and a mighty giant giraffe.

Perfect for staycations and the ideal spot for a nightcap, the Hux Hotel recalls a more hush hush time of London’s past, simultaneously inviting you in to enjoy its deliciously decadent future, discreetly, of course.