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Twilight Trees launch Living Spaces™

A flexible new solution for designers for post-lockdown hospitality, retail and workplace needs

‘As the hospitality, retail and workplace industries get ready to re-open when lockdown lifts, careful space-planning will be paramount to balance operators’ economic needs with legal requirements and user confidence’ says Susie Reid Thomas, Founder & Creative Director of Twilight Trees, adding, ‘Designers helping their clients or working on new or refurbished projects opening in the short-medium term will also be looking for aesthetically-pleasing solutions that offer flexibility for their schemes’.

Twilight Trees, a long-established supplier of artful interior and exterior faux-foliage and LED trees to the interiors trade, has been hard at work in recent weeks, creating a rapid-innovation solution that responds to the demands of the current situation. The company has launched a series of elegant 1m-wide Living Spaces™ screens, which can be used either independently or in flush-fitting rows, serving either as branded wayfinding/information devices for retailers and in offices or as table/spatial dividers creating protective zones around diners and leisure-space users, ensuring users not only feel safe, but relaxed, knowing spaces have been designed or re-configured with social distancing and safety clearly in mind.

‘Our conversations with both designers and operators tell us that they’re looking for solutions that will allow spaces to re-open, whilst inspiring confidence in customers or users and without killing the look and atmosphere of their interiors’, Susie Reid Thomas added. ‘Our new Living Spaces™ range, which includes both printed and higher-end, foliage-filled glass box screens, ticks all those boxes and more. The screens answer safety concerns, whilst at the same time allowing businesses to be front-facing and ready to go at short notice, offering aesthetically-pleasing interventions that don’t impact on existing space, but which give those using those spaces an instant feeling of confidence right from the front door.'

The super-seven key attributes of the Living Space™ screens are:

1. Flexibility

Self-supporting on legs, the Living Spaces™ screens also come with castor options, making them highly flexible for multiple configurations. The full dimensions of each screen are: 1.45m in height, 1m width, 0.45m depth at base and 0.12m at top end, allowing for greater density of surrounding usage or seating.

2. Bespoke

There are three types of screens to suit every scenario, from printed glass with botanical graphics to glass-boxed hedging or hand-crafted, glass-box, faux-foliage arrangements. There is clear space for the branding of each operator, business or retailer at the base of each screen, whilst specific brand colours can also be incorporated.

3. Easy-clean           Each screen is made of shatterproof safety glass, allowing for clinical cleaning, whilst presenting a premium, non-scratch finish. The product specification is for UK-manufactured glass, British Safety Standard BS EN 14449:2005

4. Intelligent Design         Clear sight lines at the top of each screen ensure vision is not restricted, promoting a feeling of protected sociability. Incorporated LED lighting is a stylish potential option, whilst the panels also provide space for hand-written information at the top or for QR codes, permitting touch-free interaction and linking to any other additional information.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Screens range in price from £395 - £895 + vat, making them eminently affordable for different typologies and scales of business, whilst lead time is two weeks only. 

6. Durability

Long-term use beyond lockdown is assured by the design being able to be changed or updated either seasonally or at the owner’s requirements, via, for example, different hand-crafted arrangements or the integration of Christmas lights and decorations.

7. Sustainability

The entire product is able to be recycled or re-used, in line with the sustainable values of its creators. Twilight Trees is a carbon-neutral organisation for whom sustainability is a key brand value. The company’s UK tree-planting programme is combined with its commitment to the REDD initiative, seeking to protect the Amazon’s rain forests.

‘By collaborating on this innovation with both a highly-regarded team and utilising a UK supply chain, Twilight Trees have created a substantial production capacity’, Susie Reid Thomas commented. ‘We have already received strong demand for these products.’

Twilight Trees

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