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The LABS Collective Defines a New Standard of Practice

Elevating Hygiene and Safety Practices Across its Spaces

LABS Collective announces a new programme to deliver an industry-defining standard of solutions to promote safe social distancing and increased hygiene across its serviced apartment and shared workspace offerings. The new measures focus on the prioritisation of personal space and member and guest wellbeing, with an emphasis on health and security.

Building upon the already high standards of cleanliness and wellbeing, the new programme has been developed to meet evolving consumer expectations post COVID-19. Considered design and operational functionality is key to the futureproofing of STAY and LABS environments and member and guest experience from day to night.

Most notably, these new practices are being implemented to the highest degree at Hawley Wharf, Camden where LABS members and STAY guests use the same entrance. On arrival visitor screenings will be in operation for members and staff prior to entrance and appropriate PPE provisions are mandatory for all staff.

Dotan Weiner, Chief Operating Officer at LABS Collective comments, “As a business, our first priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our staff, members and guests. The measures we are putting in place will remain so long as the threat of COVID-19 does, but will also inform our strategic approach to design and operations in the long term. We hope that the best practices and protocols implemented allow guests and members to feel confident and supported when returning to work and checking in to STAY.”


The eight buildings (twelve by the end of 2020) offering flexible workspaces across central London remained open during the pandemic, for the essential businesses who needed space to maintain their operations and the members who were unable to work from home. LABS adapted its product offer and community practices undertaking a range of efforts to operate the spaces safely and in line with government policies.

Across all locations, LABS continues to evolve to promote a safe return to work, introducing everyday enhancements for the protection of members and staff. These include professional distancing, distributing traffic flow through one-way systems, reducing capacity, avoiding density in the working day by extending operational hours and adjusting reception cover to meet the needs of members staggering their hours and improved sanitation.

The rigorous programme which is defining the way for safety practices in the workspace sector, also includes the application of a protective barrier technology to surfaces, which when applied provides long term coverage to kill bacteria on contact.

With member wellbeing at the core of all building design, LABS continues to identify new ways to retain an ongoing focus on healthy living. Increased ventilation promises enhanced filtration and optimised humidity to aid air purity and enhancing natural light will encourage circadian rhythms and more. Natural remedies are also being  utilised, such as selecting greenery for public spaces known for their air purifying qualities.

LABS is minimising member disruption by reconfiguring layouts - increased distancing between workstations, custom dividers between desk and considered zones of various sizes to suit varying member needs. Ergonomic furniture is available for members to buy for enhanced comfort, supporting posture and promotion of hands free technology.


STAY – the residential brand which opened in Hawley Wharf earlier this year - is reworking guest protocols to translate the best practices in safety and hygiene standards to the apartments whilst providing comfortable accommodation that feels like home.

STAY Camden has remained open and operational since the pandemic began, accepting new bookings for guests seeking mid to long term accommodation, prioritising those categorised as key workers or those displaced from their primary place of residence.

STAY is reducing touch points across its three apartment buildings, including the use of a digital link to pay instead of the regular chip and pin machine, and digitising the guest registration form to reduce the proximity of interaction needed at the time of guest check-in.

In a further effort to safeguard guests’ health, a barrier spray is applied to all furniture that provides long term coverage to kill pathogens on contact. Upon guest check out, the apartments receive a 24 hour deep clean, including the use of Pro Zone machines to cleanse the air and eliminate bacteria. In preparation for new arrivals a ‘seal of reassurance’ will be applied and includes a perforated sticker attached to the front door. Guests will have to physically break the seal to enter the apartment, safe in the knowledge it hasn’t been entered into after a deep clean.

Owing to the nature of the serviced apartments, the in-room experience has not changed, and guests are welcome to enjoy the benefits of their private kitchen, living and dining areas and balconies. STAY Camden is the secure and reliable option for all – be it for self-isolating, those seeking temporary shelter, working on the frontline, or looking for long-term accommodation – the apartments ensure the safest level of service and home away from home.

Further details of the programme are still in development with further updates to follow.