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The Hux Hotel, London Unveil Their Newest Hedonistic Hideaway

An epicurean haven sitting high over Kensington and adjacent to the palace gardens.

The Hux Hotel, London, UK
The Hux Hotel, London, UK

As one of the more alluring locales that the city has to offer, The Hux Hotel are having the last word in extravagance with the launch of their brand-new suite.

Named The Huxy One and featuring artwork and custom furnishings exclusively by multiaward-winning Icelandic artist, Kristjana S. Williams, the suite is an evocative ode to city decadence, where royal blue colourings and ornate furnishings set the scene.

The hotel says:

“We didn’t hold back with The Huxy One. The new suite is definitive of The Hux Hotel; an unforgettable experience rich with our distinguished and singular Huxy vibe.”

With their elegant rooms and live music that plays long into the night, the hotel is currently enjoying a sold-out season. Their notorious bar has also become the ideal spot to duck away from the mania of Christmas shopping, with an irresistible selection of bespoke cocktails perfect for those who want to take walk on the side…

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