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Tarkett was at the Hotel Show Dubai

Tarkett exhibited five of its innovative and creative product collections at The Hotel Show Dubai, which took place at the World Trade Center from September 16 to 18, 2018. It brought together 600 exhibitors from the hospitality sector and over 50,000 visitors, the show is an important event in the industry’s calendar.

In line with the trends and needs of the hospitality sector, Tarkett's creative team have designed an ambient stand comprised of 3 small “houses” to showcase Tarkett’s Desso Axminster and new Sense of Marble carpets, Cementi Click, iD Click Ultimate, iD Supernature & iD Tattoo and iD Mixonomi.

iD Supernature & iD Tattoo: Fine textures of wood and stone for custom looks with a tattoo twist

iD Supernature and iD Tattoo have been created to reveal the creative potential of modular vinyl materials for designing remarkable and customisable interiors. Drawing inspiration from organic sources, iD Supernature offers a selection of subtle textures based on natural materials (wood, stone and concrete) in 16 shades. The collection builds on Tarkett’s commitment to innovation by ensuring a non-repetitive pattern of up to 12m2. In turn, iD Tattoo takes designs a step further by adding another layer of customization - combining natural and graphic elements. Architects and designers can choose from a selection of 10 “tattoo” patterns, adding iD Tattoo to their chosen iD Supernature base. By combining these collections, hotels have the opportunity to commission inspirational and sophisticated spaces, re-inventing flooring through the customization of modular vinyl. 

Co-creation, modularity, customization and sustainability

These new collections evoke current hospitality trends central to Tarkett’s approach such as co-creation, modularity, customization and sustainability. The hospitality industry is constantly mutating, and visual impact and unique experience is of utmost importance to architects and designers creating personalized spaces for hotels, resorts and venues. As a multi-solutions provider, Tarkett has therefore developed a spectrum of highly-customizable collections with professionals in mind. During refurbishments and renovations, business continues and time is of the essence. Tarkett’s innovative products aslo provide high quality, quick to install solutions, thereby reducing business downtime for hotels on a tight schedule. Finally, hospitality players aim to create attractive and unrivaled spaces as well as healthy environments. For years, Tarkett has been committed to sustainability using Cradle-to-Cradle® principles. Based on this framework, Desso (EMEA’s carpet brand) has been actively innovating and optimizing its carpet products to create people-friendly spaces which respect the planet’s natural capital. Phthalate-free vinyl products contribute to creating healthy environments and very low volatile organic compound levels of Tarkett’s floorings contribute to good indoor air quality. Tarkett’s ReStart® take-back program highlights a commitment to circular economy, dedicated to the collection of eligible post-installation and post-consumer flooring, with the aim to recycle and reuse it as a new resource.