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Svart, Opening in 2022 in Norway’s Arctic Circle, Appoints Design Studio Space Copenhagen

Svart, the world’s first energy positive hotel, has appointed award-winning Danish designers Space Copenhagen to lead the property’s interior design.

Danish Designers Peter Bundgaard and Signe Bindslev Henriken of Space Copenhagen will Mastermind the Complete Interiors for Svart.

Svart, the world’s first energy positive hotel, has appointed award-winning Danish designers Space Copenhagen to lead the property’s interior design.

Svart will be located in Arctic Norway at the base of the Svartisen glacier and will house an indoor-outdoor spa, four restaurants, an education centre and a design laboratory. The glass-fronted, circular property, which will float on stilts above the Holandsfjorden fjord, will open to guests in late 2022. It aims to be fully off-grid, carbon neutral and zero waste within the first five years of operation.

The Denmark-based design studio Space Copenhagen, founded by Peter Bundgaard and Signe Bindslev Henriken in 2005, has been charged with masterminding the entire interior vision for Svart. The duo will draw on their years of creative collaboration to create an aesthetic which will reflect the project’s core values of sustainability, innovation and holism.   

Commenting on the appointment of Space Copenhagen, Svart’s Development Director Ivaylo Lefterov said: ‘It was essential for us to find a design partner that shared our vision, with the ability to create a truly stunning aesthetic that both complements and emphasizes the natural beauty of the destination, without distracting from it. Longevity, human connection and a distinctly-Scandinavian quality – themes which run through Bundgaard and Bindslev Henriken’s award-winning work – will be at the heart of the Svart experience. We could not have found a better fit for us in Space Copenhagen and we are thrilled to have them on board.’ 

Space Copenhagen is honoured to be part of the team that will bring Svart to life. Providing an insight into their vision, founders Bundgaard and Bindslev Henrikson said: ‘The four elements’ intrinsic connection to Norse mythology has provided the design aesthetic, poetically and holistically bringing together the tactile materials of stone and wood from the earth, the transparency and fluidity of water, the magic warmth of fire and the ephemeral intangible qualities of air. The design aesthetic does not seek to mimic or filter the magnificence of the Norwegian landscape, but to be a humble backdrop to it. The building itself - an unbroken, seamless circle - will become a portal dedicated to enhancing human connection to nature, the seasons, and to time itself.’ 

Space Copenhagen is responsible for some of the most ambitious and award-winning design projects of recent years, with previous work including the 11 Howard Hotel in New York, The Stratford in London and the original Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. 

With an approach they call ‘Poetic Modernism’, Space Copenhagen seeks to forge new paths by balancing opposites within their work. For the team, curiosity is a fundamental human condition and it is this transformative curiosity they will bring to Svart. 

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