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Ruby Hotels introduce 35-hour work week and give all employees a share of the profits

The Munich-based Ruby Group is now offering all employees a share in the hotel group’s profits and are also introducing a new 35-hour workweek with no change in salary for employees.

As of 1st October, Ruby Group is introducing a new 35-hour workweek across the company for all employees, including at its hotels, workspaces, and across its reservation’s teams, with no change in salary. All employees of the group will also receive a share of the company’s profits from 2023.

Back in June, the Munich-based hotel group, led by CEO and founder Michael Struck, launched an attention-grabbing recruitment campaign, offering to cover the cost of tattoos, haircuts, and piercings for new employees. The campaign was a great success with Ruby seeing a 25 percent increase in job applications. With the introduction of a 35-hour week at the same salary, the company is now taking another exciting step forward, unique to the hotel industry, to attract new employees.

The new measure is of course also aimed at retaining existing and valued employees. "To be attractive as an employer these days, innovative working time models are needed. We want to offer our employees more flexibility and free time, with the same pay," says Uta Scheurer, Vice President Human Resources at Ruby. Employees who would like to continue working the original 40 hours per week will also benefit from the new work model as all accrued 'overtime' will be recorded, which can either be paid to the employee, or it can be used towards additional time off at a later stage.

In addition, from 2023, Ruby will give all employees a share of its profits. "We are turning our employees into co-entrepreneurs with profit sharing. Our employees identify strongly with Ruby. We want to strengthen this identification and commitment with profit sharing, and invest in the relationship with our employees," explains Michael Struck, founder and CEO of Ruby.

In addition to these exciting new incentives, Ruby allows its employees more freedom of choice and flexibility with regard to work location and working hours, going far beyond to the standard ‘working from home’ policy, with trust-based working hours, 10 days of workation per year, part-time holidays and temporary part-time working also part of the initiative, along with increased individual training budgets. Struck adds: "Ruby is aimed at individualists, and that pertains also for our employees. We want to give them the opportunity to work more individually and develop their potential. We trust our employees”. All employees at Ruby also receive an allowance for their commute to work and for a fitness subscription.

About Ruby Hotels:
The Munich-based Ruby Group under the leadership of founder and CEO Michael Struck is breaking new ground with its Lean Luxury philosophy. With a lean organisational structure and concentration on the essentials, Ruby succeeds in creating a contemporary, affordable form of luxury for modern, cost and style-conscious customers. Founded in 2013, the Group already operates 15 Ruby hotels, with a further 19 hotels under construction or in the planning phase. Ruby is expanding into Asia with the joint venture Ruby Asia, founded in 2018. Ruby also offers Ruby Workspaces in Munich, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf – perfectly equipped workplaces and a creative atmosphere with access to an inspiring office community. Financially strong partners support Ruby’s expansion. ECE Group; the Austrian Soravia Group; Franger Investment, a German family office; Ocean Link, a private equity fund; the entrepreneur Michael Hehn, and Michael Struck jointly hold the company shares.

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