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New lamp Abraham&Rol - FRENCH DESIGN

The new Abraham & Rol Poser lamps AR70 and AR71. Edited by Disderot

First designed in 1964, the AR70 and AR71 table lamps were drawn by the couple Janine Abraham and Dirk Jan Rol. Similarly, to the AR1 floor lamp, these lights are the perfect variation, their designs were lying dormant in the archives of Disderot, that has perpetuated since 2017 the heritage of Ateliers Pierre Disderot in partnership with the designers themselves or their beneficiaries.

Combining walnut, brushed stainless steel and Plexiglas, they are distinguished by their timeless elegance with square, modern and pure lines. Only their dimensions differentiate them, forming a perfect balance. Whether as bedside lamps, desk lamps or living room mood lights, they are equipped with LED technology for real upward and downward lighting power perfectly distributed over the surface of the two diffusers. They also offer variable mood lighting, thanks to a dimmer that regulates the intensity of the light.

All the lights are handcrafted in France, signed and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

With these two new models, Disderot is responding to customer demand, particularly in the hotel sector.

The Disderot catalog brings together more than thirty lights from the big names in French design, such as Abraham& Rol, René-Jean Caillette, Roger Fatus, Etienne Fermigier, Michel Mortier, Joseph-André Motte, Olivier Mourgue, AlainRichard, Pierre Paulin or Sylvain Dubuisson and shows examples of new models withinn the range of Disderot lights. 

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