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Martini 17, Camera With A View, Milan, Italy

A design concept that CaberlonCaroppi ITA studio has chosen for the interior of the Martini 17 hotel.

In the heart of antique Milan lives a small Boutique Hotel containing 21 rooms, all strictly with a view.

In the best of Milanese traditions, the hotel aims to provide not only hospitality in its most classical sense, but it also opens its doors to the public, providing a community cocktail bar with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and an unexpected winter garden that lends itself to small events.

Elegant and minimal, the design chosen for this hotel is enriched by large windows which open onto manicured gardens, welcoming its greenery and creating a theatrical setting.

The use of warm woods contrasted with brass and soft fabrics creates visual geometric patterns, and impacts the viewer at a tactile level. The theme of nature skillfully alternates a very rational design with soft colors, which accentuate the greenery, and the wood parquet almost seems to be contaminated by the surrounding environment.

Each of the twenty-one rooms maintains the same balance between minimalist design and nature, particularly expressed within the wallpaper used for the bed headboard.

"The wallpaper used both for the room decorations and in the common areas is part of our capsule collection, created for the Eterea Collection of Zambaiti Contract. The natural world becomes decoration when revisited by the designer’s hand," says Chiara Caberlon. She continues, “We explored the plant world and created, among others, a collection inspired by palm trees and all of their different shades, which we used within in the rooms, and a collection inspired by woodland, which is found in the lounge area. The visual sensation of the design is emphasized by 3D printing, which gives consistency and volume to the surface as well as an elegant and refined aesthetic. We are very happy with the result.”

“When we approached the project, we immediately picked up on a certain atmosphere: the journey, and the hotel room as a landing place of absolute relaxation,” reflects Ermanno Caroppi. “We have recreated an atmosphere that, in addition to taking into account all of the elegant comforts required in a hotel room, has an aura of intimate, reassuring and almost homelike warmth. We did it through the use of natural materials, and warm and enveloping colors.”

At the moment the project is still ongoing, and will see the light at the end of this year.

About CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects
CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects is an architecture studio born in 2004 from the design spirit shared by the two architects and founders Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi. The studio aims at developing new tailor made hospitality concepts dedicated to all categories of the hospitality sector, from historic hotels to business hotels, from prestigious resorts to intimate boutique hotels, each time designing a functional layout capable of reflecting the client's needs at best, maintaining a strong connection with local traditions yet breaking away from a conventional and stereotyped offer. With the aim of bringing Italian excellence to the world, CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects has developed projects for prestigious Italian brands, although with a strong international footprint that is reflected in several projects worldwide.


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