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Lighting: the award-winning Sticks Collection by Arik Levy

Characterized by glowing aluminum rods that rotate on their own axis, directing light precisely where needed

The namesake sticks connect wall to wall, floor to wall, wall to ceiling, or from a ceiling into space. Its cutting-edge arrangements offer a customisable toolkit for integrating light elements into an interior.

Arik Levy was inspired by the idea of linking various parameters of a room, thereby fusing technology, light, and architecture.

“It means we can stop thinking about a hanging light or a wall light or a floor light,” Levy explains.

“Sticks is about lighting space, which changes the perception of light and the way a fixture behaves in space—it’s more like a sculpture instead of a wired element.”

The designer aimed for a rigorously pared-down profile, yet one that contains all the necessary elements. “It barely exists,” he says of the unadorned silhouette.

“The only thing that exists is the light itself.”

Through its minimalist form and the focused illumination it generates, it creates and disrupts architectural planes, transforming linear light into an abstract art installation.

Critical to Sticks’ design is the ability to rotate the poles, allowing endless flexibility and brightening dead zones.

“Before Sticks, you couldn’t bring light to a specific corner, and orient it 5.7 degrees to the left,” says Levy. “We couldn’t place light horizontally and control the light emission. Now we can. And we can change it at any given moment with no tools.”

Levy likens Sticks to an adjustable laser beam and calls it “the only system that adapts to the user rather than the user adapting to the system.”

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