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Italian architects CaberlonCaroppi takes part in a unique design experiment

Boldness, beauty and surprise are the three themes that completed the brief for the ten architectural firms chosen to take part

DEMO Design Emotion is a unique design experiment of its kind, born from the idea of Teamwork CEO Mauro Santinato, a leading company in hotel consultancy.

Boldness, beauty and surprise are the three themes that completed the brief for the ten architectural firms that were chosen, but they are also defining elements of a company that has its roots in a region distinctly noted for its hospitality: Rimini.

Starting from the recovery of an old retirement home in disuse, the project called upon ten architectural firms to rethink the spaces of what will become a hub for hospitality experimentation, each with their own inspirations and ideas. The result is an eclectic space that brings together different design styles in the name of connection and uniqueness, creating a reference point for the industry as a whole.

CaberlonCaroppi was given the task of designing the common areas and the facade, a new challenge taken with an experimental and original approach.

The inspiration is undoubtedly industrial, with a reference to new creative hubs, dynamic business and co-working environments reinterpreted with strong notes of Pop and Decò motifs.

The studio plays with color as the dominant element in the design, alternating between patterns, geometric shapes and various materials while collaborating with companies unafraid to dare.

Each area will be marked by a strong identifying chromatic characteristic; every floor will be different from the other, guaranteeing even for regular guests differing perspectives upon each visit.

To name one, the lateral façade of the building will be completely covered with a Wall & Decò outdoor wallpaper, designed by the studio itself, simulating a white brick wall decorated with mega dots of bright colors. A building between buildings, DEMO Hotel aims to become a landmark using these design choices.

The studio combines Pop citations and the use of color with the choice of metallic, industrial-based materials, with graphic approaches clearly inspired by Warhol to configure fluid, mutable and eclectic areas, all of it furnished with custom elements and furniture accessories. The result is a series of extremely contemporary spaces that come to life according to the real needs of the hotelier and the visitor. Spaces at the service of emotions and experience — the core idea of DEMO Hotel.

The experimentation is evident from the studio’s innovative approach, in the choice of color combinations, new materials and novelty design concepts playing with proportions. These design choices bring DEMO Hotel to life, creating a changeable and captivating environment typical of the most interesting accommodation facilities in Northern Europe or on the East Coast of the US.

DEMO Hotel finds traditional definitions in the industry too narrow to recognize the maximum and timeless concept of hospitality in its broadest sense.

CaberlonCaroppi studio