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Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport encourages safe and personal interactions

Installation of plexiglass partitions in between rooms to allow for safe face-to-face meetings.

As we continue to get used to a life where wearing a mask and gloves in public is normal and keeping a social distance from each other is expected, there are many who are apprehensive for the rules of lockdown to ease. 

In order to ensure people have a safe way of meeting up with friends and family in person, Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport has renovated their connecting rooms by installing a plexiglass partition in between the room to allow for safe face-to-face meetings.

The idea was embraced and adapted by the hotel quickly, allowing for many meaningful encounters to have already taken place. Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport will continue to offer the connecting rooms to vulnerable people, even though the measures continue to relax. 

Floris-Jan König, Director of Sales at Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport, says: “The idea was born out of a personal need, as six weeks ago I became a father for the first time. This exciting event was something that my wife and I wanted to share with our loved ones, but COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works as visitors were out of the question. 

We had a window-visit arrangement in place and a schedule for family members to come and visit our newborn daughter through the window looking in from our garden - not ideal, especially when it was raining! However, this experience sparked the idea to add a plexiglass partition in between two connecting rooms in the hotel, that way we – as new parents – could have our family and friends meet our daughter in a safe and private setting. 

There was also a demand from the local business community for somewhere organisations could conduct interviews and Management Team meetings in a safe and secure environment. Thanks to our adapted connecting rooms, people can continue to meet and communicate in person – an experience that is more effective than virtual meetings.” 

Ketija Romanovska, Marketing and Communication Executive at Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport, mentions: “We have experienced firsthand how valuable it is to continue to meet each other in person; to be able to look each other in the eye. Not everybody benefits from the relaxed rules and we would like to make sure people know that there are options to continue to meet face-to-face.”