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First Art Suite Designs for 30th Icehotel Unveiled

as Discover the World gears up for the 13th season of its #Iceflight

The first images of the new designs for the 30th Icehotel have just been unveiled, ready to be built in the winter in Swedish Lapland, including more incredible artists than ever before.

Designs include; a West End Theatre, frozen Feline Lair, Ice-Carved Kaleidoscope, a Santorini Backdrop and a Frozen Funfair to really get the anniversary celebrations going!

As the original Icehotel in Swedish Lapland prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the hotel’s first suite designs and plans for this winter season have been unveiled. In addition, principle Icehotel travel specialist Discover the World is preparing for its 13th year operating the only direct flight to the hotel from the UK, whisking guests to Swedish Lapland in just 3.5 hours.

First Look at Art Suite Designs

The largest ever group of artists from 34 different countries is preparing to help create the iconic hotel this year, with two design teams confirmed from the UK. As layers of fresh snow form a blanket over  Jukkasjärvi in mid-November, these artists will gather together to create the exhibition of snow, ice and light that will become Icehotel #30.

From checking into a frozen West End theatre production and sleeping next to a submerged iceberg, to spending the night in a subterranean ice room with giant ice ants, settling down in a frozen feline lair, waking up surrounded by an ice-carved Kaleidoscope, enjoying the Greek island of Santorini as a backdrop and enjoying cocktails surrounded byfrozen roller-coasters and carnival games in the IceBar, this year’s hotel will have an incredible range of rooms for guests to enjoy when it officially opens on 13th December 2019.