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Finca Los Pinos, Villaneuva Del Rosario, Spain

FINCA LOS PINOS: The latest project of the architect Jaime Sanahuja from sanahuja&partners studio

La Villa A refined classic language
This is an intervention for the rehabilitation of a villa dating from the first half of the 20th century which was under a degree of environmental protection as local heritage and could therefore only be subject to conservation, restoration, rehabilitation or restructuring works. The preservation of its volumetric configuration was mandatory, as was maintaining a reserve area around it with specific separations for any new buildings to be erected. Due to all these considerations, the proposed intervention strove to respect the original typology as far as possible, with all alterations being justified as elements for consolidation and structural reinforcement.As regards the interior design, a classic language was proposed, although this was somewhat refined so that tradition and modernity could calmly coexist in spaces with high proportions opening towards the surrounding garden, which was renewed to complete the intervention.

The Hotel - “Past and present dialogue"
The hotel tourist complex is organised around a classic-style villa of the last century that is protected by local urban planning regulations and has recently been rehabilitated as a high-quality single-family dwelling. It consists of two new-floor buildings that house the villa on its north and west sides, forming a new backdrop that is more appropriate to its scale when it intervenes in the large apartment blocks of its surroundings. A stepped volumetry is projected adapted to the topography and very permeable towards the old town. In this way it contributes to its enhancement together with the redesign of the whole garden.The accommodation is located west on two floors above ground level and has a large underground parking lot. The hotel services block is located in the northern part and houses a restaurant / event room on the ground floor and a multipurpose room in the basement. Its volumetry and materiality allow its integration into a set whose unitary character includes even the treatment of perimeter fencing as a prominent element in the overall composition.

Finca Los Pinos