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Entertainment Reaches New Heights with Nexus 21 at The Cheval Blanc Maldives

Hotels worldwide are continuously searching for innovative ways to pleasantly surprise guests with luxurious amenities.

At The Cheval Blanc Maldives, guests can expect the ultimate entertainment experience with the hidden technology of a Nexus 21 pop-up TV lift that can appear quickly and quietly within any hotel setting.

Perfect where space is at a premium; Nexus 21 makes the highest quality TV lifts and motorized solutions for technology that can emerge from anywhere. A pop-up TV lift rises in seconds, maintaining a beautiful ocean view without compromising on entertainment. For 360-degree viewing from anywhere in the room, guests can manually swivel the screen to the perfect viewing position. If they’d prefer to lounge in bed and admire the view, they can simply lower the TV back into its cabinet until they are ready to view it again.

Known for providing the highest quality products and exceptional service, Nexus 21 has become the leading choice of integrators, architects, designers, and hotel groups alike. Used today in more than 80 countries, Nexus 21 is transforming the industry by creating revolutionary products that combine sophisticated design with unparalleled reliability.

With safety in mind, every Nexus 21 motorized product comes with a pre-programmed Control Box. This software stops and reverses if the lift meets resistance on the way up or down. Pair this feature with the Anti-Pinch Lid Technology that converts your cabinet lid to create a “break-away” design to prevent finger pinches. By incorporating the function and design of a pop-up TV lift, it’s all views and no compromise.

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