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Czech inspired design at King’s Hotel

Established in 1992, ARCHINA Ltd. has been providing complete architectural and interior design services to clients for all types of projects, but especially for hospitality, office, multiuse, commercial and residential uses. A recent project showcasing the best of the company’s work is the King’s Hotel in the Czech Republic, where the interior design was inspired both by traditional and natural elements.

Hotel Resort

The inspiration for the design of the King’s Hotel was in typical Czech tradition and nature. The interiors of the hotel have been designed with a very specific style, which reflects the hotel’s proximity to the incredible forests nearby.

The roof of each wing consists of three pyramids, which work well to divide different areas of the hotel with eye-catching arches.

The shape and positioning of the guestrooms gives guests the chance to enjoy the view of the open garden at the atrium and an uniterupted view of nature, which is framed by the generous size and vibrant colours and shapes of the windows.


Spa & Wellness

The Spa & Wellness suite covers a generous 70 square metres and consists of the lobby, gym, beauty and health salons, the main pool area with bar, two steam rooms and a sauna with relaxation area.

The theme for the main pool and relaxation area is peacock feathers, which have been used on the main wall in the form of mosaic tiles laid out in a wave formation.

There are two steam areas that  create a  special atmosphere using the motives of various flowers.

The panoramic sauna is the spa’s crowning glory with a beautiful sweeping view across the surrounding countryside.