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GIRA - Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
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Entry & Security

Gira offers something for building technology that has long been standard in the automotive industry: Keyless In products for keyless access to rooms and buildings. The technology is based on an electronic system. The Gira Keypad can be installed as a standalone device with no other control components, or as part of the Gira door communications system. It can be installed in commercially available 58 mm flush-mounted boxes, and Gira Keyless In can be integrated in the design lines both indoors and outdoors.

Guestroom Amenities; Entertainment & Technology

Enjoying music in each and every room - made possible by Gira. Individual solutions can be implemented exactly as desired with the Gira RDS radio or by integrating the Revox multiroom system in the building technology.Being able to use a single system to switch music or radio programmes on or off everywhere in the home and having control units in various rooms for sophisticated sound variation and regulation is one of the conveniences of the modern home.

Lighting & Accessories

Gira offers flush-mounted inserts and other accessories for switching, pressing and dimming. In addition to the conventional installation material the Gira KNX system allows intelligent solutions and controlling home technology. Wall devices such as push sensors are available for operation in individual rooms. The KNX system provides more comfort, security and energy efficiency in the building.


The Gira LED lighting enables the targeted use of lighting accents. It can be used to light up stairs, dark hallways or outdoor pathways, for example, and thus provides greater safety for walking and orientation both indoors and outdoors. Gira offers a wide range of LED products and accessories to match the Gira design lines. The LED lights can be expanded to create versatile information signs using icons and inscriptions. LED technology guarantees durability and economical electricity consumption for all products.

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