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Tillberg Design AB

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Småbåtshamnen 24
SE-00263 39 Höganäs

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Karin Falk
Michal Jackiewicz
Fredrik Johansson
Stefan Nilsson

Delivering Dreams summarizes Tillberg Design of Sweden’s philosophy and overall vision. The company has both the talent and the skills it takes to turn its clients dreams into reality and has a proven track record of delivering quality and unique design with a fresh approach.
TDoS has designed interiors for approximately 250 projects of all sizes, both for land based and marine clients. The business references cover all levels of design. From fresh and highly innovative design projects, to extraordinary new-era design, dramatic design revolution and being the lead architect for the most luxurious cruise ship ever built.

TDoS keeps growing as the cruise industry grows and with now over 100 employees, our headstrong team consists of a very healthy mix of solid experience and fresh creative talent.
The office has a unique Concept Department, where the creativity flows freely and all beautiful materials are selected.

There is also a very skillful in-house Graphic Department, that designs fantastic signage, carpets and wall prints.

The company and staff has a united passionate creative spirit, a ‘hard work no frills attitude’, and is constantly renewing itself. Paired with its solid organizational and project management skills, this has built Tillberg Design of Sweden a very good reputation within the cruise industry.

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Number of Staff: 100

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