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Introducing Pool-dek

Pool-dek is a pool covering system designed to convert your pool house, pool room or outdoor area, from a wet environment to a dry area, which can be used for events.

This hard swimming pool covering is easy to install and provides a durable and stylish solution to transforming your space.

What’s more, this hard flooring can be a temporary solution so you can choose to convert it back into a pool room once your event is over or it can be installed as a permanent pool-covering. Whatever you choose, our unique pool covering system will transform your existing space into much more than just a pool area.

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Pool-dek comprises a bespoke, made to measure, stylish floor finish over the water's surface. The system utilises the existing space of a concrete shell or tiled finish swimming pool, covering it and producing an individual floor surface to create an amazing and unique additional event space. Having the multi-use function of a room is also great for ROI in corporate event spaces such as hotels.