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2021: Spa design trends. Interior designer shares advice

Scarlett Blakey, Founder of Ophelia Blake Interior Design on design trends to bring into 2021 

Scarlett Blakey, Founder of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, comments: “Now more than ever guests are wanting a premium experience. As well as providing a luxury service, it is important that the design reflects the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. This needs to be kept in mind for the entire guest journey, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.”

Creating a ‘wow’ first impression
It only takes seven seconds for people to make their first impression, meaning that the exterior of a spa should reflect the experience that guests will be receiving inside. To make sure it gives that ‘wow’, consider adding an eye catching water feature and a mixture of ground and wall lighting to create a good atmosphere from the offset. The landscaping should be attractive and well maintained, and consistent signage should give a hint as to what people will find inside.

Meet and greet
Similarly, don’t forget about the check-in area. Make a statement by using brass, marble and luxury finishes, and include a nice background where possible. Pendant lighting is fantastic for creating a soft, relaxing atmosphere that will set the tone for the entire visit. It’s the first place guests will go when entering the space, so make sure it is as memorable as possible.

It’s all about the lighting
The lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to creating a soothing atmosphere. Ambient lighting should create a uniform gentle wash of light, whilst any task lighting used in reading nooks or eating areas can be dimmed to a suitable level to maintain tranquillity.

Clever use of furnishings
Think about how to use furnishing to add a safe and snug feel, whilst still enhancing the experience. In lounge areas, high back seating with plenty of distance between will help create an environment guests will feel comfortable in, whilst introducing coffee tables and lamps to create zones will give them their own personal, calm space.

The finishing details
And finally, the finishing touches should reflect the rest of the spa. Think about the quality of the linens, towels and water stations. Make sure to enhance the all senses with reed diffusers with relaxing scents such as lavender to give it that soothing, extra touch.


Ophelia Blake Interior Design has also predicted that design styles will fall under three main categories in 2021: Japandi, Botanical and Calming Neutrals:

A big trend at the moment is Japandi, which brings together wood and texture with botanicals and clean lines - perfect for creating a clean and healthy feel to combat any worries people might have of being out of the home. To give it the luxury look, why not try making it contemporary with hand crafted, embellished materials such as rattan and bamboo.

Botanical Design
Botanicals are set to continue to rise in popularity when it comes to spa trends. Botanical design brings together the minimalist idea of removing unnecessary embellishments and introducing plants and plant-like features into interiors to extract the natural benefits they have, not only on the mind, but the environment too. This is reflective of the ambience spas should aim to achieve. An easy way to bring botanicals into the design is by adding in raw, exposed wood teamed with a variety of foliage.

Calming Neutrals
The final design trend is a neutral, calming spa interior. To stay on trend, keep the colour scheme neutral, to represent cleanliness and purity. A combination of natural stone and golden elements will bring the spa to life. Be selective with the décor, as every element of the interior plays an integral part in the overall look and feel of the spa itself.

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Botanical Design
Botanical Design
Calming neutral design
Calming neutral design
Japandi style
Japandi style