Alex Kravetz Design - "A series of well-connected spaces"

Alex Kravetz Design undertook a complete restyling of the guestrooms and suites at the Sheraton Warsaw hotel. The design approach was to create a more residential look and feel, in full compliance with the latest Sheraton brand design manifesto.

The fresh, neutral colour schemes create harmony providing a sensual approach to the interior, while the carpet design reflects the geometric shapes of the local Polish patterns.

The interiors provide well-connected spaces with a lounge element, where business and pleasure seamlessly coexist. The project also extends to the Club Lounge, where the luxury cosmopolitan and aspirational residential feel continues.

All the furniture was custom designed by Alex Kravetz Design for the project. Alex Kravetz says: “The success of the Sheraton Warsaw renovation lies with our new set of skills – intricate knowledge of the budgets and how to make them go further in terms of the final product. It is the way we prioritise the impact of the visual language combined with the choice of materials – that is what makes all the difference. We constantly explore new supply chains and create partnerships with local suppliers in Europe – apart from the environmental perspective it is also our responsibility to maintain and grow the new generation of craftsmen.”

“This renovation is a major milestone for the Sheraton brand in Poland,” said Gonçalo Duarte Silva, Sheraton Area Manager.

This project follows on the similar success story of the Sheraton Krakow – another hotel renovation undertaken by Alex Kravetz Design one year earlier. Sheraton Krakow became the first European property to be rebranded Sheraton Grand immediately after the guestrooms and suites renovation. The design work continues with the upgrade of the Public Areas and the Club Lounge.

Alex Kravetz Design is also currently working on other projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Alex Kravetz Design - "A series of well-connected spaces"